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WHELFY is a next generation of globalized investment firm, focused on developing emerging markets' companies and projects related to Women, Healthcare, Environment and Learning through our expertise in SDG(sustainable development goals) funding, digital assets and active management.

We build strong communities and work with entrepreneurs, companies and foundations worldwide related to improving "quality of life" and the environment in Emerging Markets.

Founded in 2017, we were the first investment group to bring SDG funding, digital assets and active management altogether to improve people’s quality of life and environment in Emerging Markets such as China, India, SE Asia, Latin America and Africa. Today we work with entrepreneurs, foundations and companies worldwide to develop projects and businesses of great growth potential and social value. We partner with investors and organisations globally, including institutional investors, charities and foundations, family offices and business luminaries, NGO’s and local governments.
WHELFY brings a powerful combination of global perspective and local experience to fund management, digital assets development and emerging markets knowledge. As long-term value investors, we are highly skilled at mobilizing global resources to address local needs, especially for Inbound and Outbound opportunities in Emerging Markets. Our highly skilled team has an in-depth understanding of the Emerging Markets and enjoys close relationships with many influential business leaders.
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To help our partners and portfolio companies achieve sustainable growth, we access a wide range of resources, including services in branding, marketing, channel development, overseas expansion, SDG funding and Digital Assets Issuing and Development. Our extensive experience has taught us what companies and projects in emerging markets need at each stage of development, and we provide SDG funding options, digital assets development and management strategies and advice. 
Our global reach is sustained through our worldwide offices in the U.S, China, U.K, Europe, SE Asia and the Middle East.
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